Level 1 Mini Golf Shootout: A Hole-in-One for Charity!

Last Easter, we turned Worthing into mini-golf central, thanks to the awesome collaboration between Globetrotters Golf and Level 1. The Level 1 Shootout wasn’t just about putting around – it was a tournament that not only brought the community together but also managed to raise money for a good cause. 

The aim of the Level 1 Shootout was to give back to the local community, so for just £1 per person, participants could enjoy a round of 9 holes of mini golf on our around the world themed Odyssey course. All the proceeds went to ‘Superstar Arts’, a local charity dedicated to delivering meaningful creative projects for young people and adults with learning disabilities.

The Level 1 Mini Golf Shootout not only showcased local talent but also witnessed extraordinary achievements and special guests. Scottie, a Worthing local and very good golfer, set an all-time course record of 14 during the qualifiers. His impressive feat added an extra layer of excitement and competitiveness to an already thrilling tournament. We also had a visit from professional golfer, who is originally from Worthing, Gary Evans. Him and his good friends (which happen to be our co-founder, Daisy’s parents) enjoyed a round of golf in the sunshine, and he scored a modest 18, so as to not embarrass anyone, huh Gaz!

The Level 1 Shootout was no ordinary mini-golf event; it featured a month-long competition with qualifiers on the first three weekends. The best golfers earned a spot in the final weekend, where 12 participants were randomly paired up. The stakes were high as they vied for a coveted spot in the final round.The climax of the tournament saw 6 skilled golfers competing individually, with an adjudicator meticulously keeping score. After scoring a rather impressive hole in one on the final hole, Andrew Blackman emerged victorious, securing the title of Level 1 Mini Golf Shootout Champion.

Aside from the glory, Andrew walked away with a £250 cash prize, free crazy golf for a year, and an entry into the Mini Golf World Championships in Hastings. The event also recognized talent beyond the winner, with prizes for 2nd and 3rd place, as well as special categories like best junior, best family, most improved, and best-dressed participants, thanks to generous sponsors including QED and Royal and Awesome.

But hold onto your putters – we’re not done yet! Stay tuned for an exclusive Q&A with the mini-golf maestro, Andrew.⛳🏌️‍♂️

Catching up with Andrew

Are you from Worthing?

I’m not, I currently live in Hove (actually) but will soon be moving over to Worthing.

Do you play a lot of mini golf?

I play every so often with friends / my girlfriend and really just like messing around whilst playing. Although I am quite a competitive person so the gloves come off when I start losing!

Had you been to Level 1 before the Mini Golf Shootout?

I had only been once, but since the shootout I have been a fair few times more. Especially in the summer evenings we had last year.

How did you hear about the Mini Golf Pop Up at Level 1?

My girlfriend had mentioned it to me as she had heard it from a friend and said we should go play. So one Saturday we came down to have a game or two and a drink.

Recount your experience at the Level 1 Mini Golf Shootout Finals.

I remember on the Saturday that we went down, I almost didn’t give my scorecard in but then decided to go back over and ask to be put on the leaderboard. (which I was quite chuffed about as I ended up being the top score for the weekend). After that, I didn’t expect to get an email about being in the top few to qualify for the finals day but a week or two later I did and I then returned to Level 1 for the finals a short time after.

 Finals day itself was great and had a great turn out and atmosphere. I remember playing a knockout qualifier match to get into the main few people to play for the prizes. I managed to get through and then play the first round of the final and then managed to secure a spot in the last 6 which I then won with by making a hole in one on the last hole.

What was your highlight from the finals day?

I think my highlight would be just having a good time with the other competitors and sharing a laugh out in the sun as at the end of the day it was for a great cause.

How did you celebrate your win?

I celebrated my win by purchasing myself a new golf bag, winning the finals day came at a perfect time for that!

What was your experience of the Mini Golf World Championships?

The mini golf world championship was a great experience, you never quite realise how good some people are at the game until you see it. The event was held on the 10th/11th of June and was extremely hot but thankfully some ice cream aided that!.

The process was that you would play 3 rounds on the first day and then 3 rounds on the second day and if you were good enough you would then play a final round to determine your position in the top 18. There were two categories: Pro and Novice and since I had won the Level 1 competition I had been placed in the pro category and safe to say it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I came away 46th out of 87 which wasn’t too bad for a first timer in my opinion. The other competitors were super helpful and gave me advice along the way which was greatly appreciated.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to both Globetrotters and Level 1 for putting on a great event and also enabling me to go and play a world championship event (even if it is just mini golf to some!). This all whilst supporting a great local charity in Superstar Arts.

Winner L1 Shooutout
Scottie L1
Gary Evans
Gary Evans

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