Leisure Operators: How to Reach New Audiences at Your Venue

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Are you a property agent with vacant retail or leisure space that you are struggling to fill? Or maybe you’re a pub owner seeking to struggling to compete with local rivals? Today I wanted to introduce the solution to some of the challenges faced by leisure operators. So grab a putter and golf ball, and let’s get started – because mobile crazy golf may be the answer!

Barriers to Your Success

As a business, there’s nothing worse than owning or leasing premises that is costing you more than its bringing in. This can be for a number of reasons but one of the most common causes is having too much ‘dead’ space that is not making you money. For example, a music venue may have performance space they are not consistently filling. For a pub or restaurant, they could be losing business as locals flock to establishments that offer different experiences aside from food and drink.

Or maybe you’re the owner of an escape room wanting to offer a new game experience, but don’t have the capital or expertise to invest in development.

The Power of Crazy Golf Hire

Enter Globetrotters Crazy Golf. Our 9-hole course is an easily portable system that enables us to offer crazy golf experiences in a variety of locations. Part of our golf pop ups are at events including festivals and weddings. But did you know that we can be hired by other businesses? Already on the radar of local hospitality venues, we want to partner with forward-thinking leisure operators in the South East who understand the value that we can bring to their venue.

The competitive socialising trend is here to stay. So partnering with an activity provider could be a potential boon for your premises. Crazy golf is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and has a wide appeal with all age groups. It is rare to golf alone and instead it’s common for crazy golf to attract large groups of golfers.

The increased footfall, combined with increased dwell time (a round of golf usually takes between 20-30 minutes) is certain to increase drink sales, as customers sip their way round the course and then get a bite to eat afterwards.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Shopping centres
  • Music & comedy venues
  • Pubs & breweries
  • Nightclubs
  • Competitive socialising sites including escape rooms, arcades and bowling alleys
  • Local authorities – to provide family-friendly activities in parks & town centres
  • Activity centres
  • Festivals

A Case in Point – ABYSS Brewery + Taproom

This Easter, we have teamed up with ABYSS Brewery + Taproom and Carlito Burrito to host an exciting, limited pop-up event.

The partnership is a match made in heaven. The brewery have a large yard that serves no purpose other than staff parking, and we are looking for cool locations to provide crazy golf. So we have put the two together to offer a month-long event that features mini golf, beer and Mexican street food.


The amazing thing about the Globetrotters Crazy Golf course is that it doesn’t require a significant amount of space. Ideally we would have a minimum space of 10m x 15m or more to spread out the holes, the course can be set up either indoors or outdoors. The course can be set up in 90 minutes or less and can therefore be suited for short-term as well as more permanent installations.

If you are thinking of ways to offer something a little different at your premises, then it could be time to partner with a mobile crazy golf provider. In which case, I’d love to chat your plans through with you! Please send an email to hello@globetrottersgolf.com to get started.

Thanks for reading,

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